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Unsung Heroes – Lollipop Men and Women

Is there a Lollipop Man or Woman on your road to school? Do you know his or her name?
When I take my children to school, we walk  if we can, because the parking situation near the school is a bit difficult. On our way we cross the road where the Lollipop Man stands guard.
He isn’t particularly talkative, but is friendly and helpful. It has been warm these past days, and still he stands, in his reflective jacket and ear-muffed reflective hat. I am waiting for him to take the hat off, he must be sweltering under there. Perhaps he has a lighter hat in his cupboard, which doesn’t get worn until summer.

Sometimes when we are slightly later in coming down the road, we see him perched on a low garden wall, like a fluorescent leprechaun, his giant lollipop propped up beside him.

He stands in every weather, rain, hail or sunshine. Sometimes when the weather is really bad we take the car, but the Lollipop Man is out there regardless. He must get cold sometimes.

Lollipop men and women are a part of British life. When you google “lollipop man” you find dozens of news stories of retiring LPM who have helped children cross the road for many years, such as Don in Yately or Norman in Rainham.

Being a Lollipop Man can be dangerous. Drivers don’t always slow down and stop, and there have been a few Lollipop Men who have been run over.

So when you go to school, stop and have a chat with your Lollipop Person. Tell him that you appreciate what he is doing and that you are glad he is there to help you across the road.

Who are your unsung heroes?



Featured Image courtesy of Flickr

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    Hello,I love lollypop men and ladies but unfortunately we live in Switzerland and they are miserable here so there are not lollypop men or ladies

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