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What to do When Your Parent Says ‘No More Minecraft Today!’

You could wail, ‘That is UNFAIR! You are horrible to me, you are so MEAN!’… or you could talk to them about WHY they are banning Minecraft for the day. Is it perhaps because you’ve been playing for hours and hours, and they think that you should get off the computer/iPod/Playstation?
We are willing to bet that is the reason, not because they want to annoy you. We parents worry that you are online too much, that you are ruining your eyes, that you are going to turn into a big square person who looks just like Steve!
So instead of complaining, how about you and your parents have a look at these fab OFFLINE Minecraft activities that are all to do with Minecraft, so that both you and your parents are happy? (Remember our article about negotiation? That is what this is!)

Minecraft Lego

6884829633_0f301fdbb0_z (1)



Minecraft is often described as ‘online Lego’, so it makes perfect sense to have Lego Minecraft! You can plan a building that you later realise in Minecraft.


Make Hama Bead Minecraft Keyrings





Order HamaBeads here and download the templates to follow here. If you don’t have any HAMA beads in the house then you can do some papercrafting instead and have a go at making some paper mosaics. Kate has instructions on her blog on how to do that too.


Print and Make a Real Life Minecraft World






There are loads of printables on this site, but don’t forget to ask your parents before you use the printer. There are also iOS apps for Apple gadgets, such as Papercraft and Papercrafts for Minecraft to prink straight from your iPod or iPad.


Make and Play a Minecraft Game



minecraft game



Check out this blog for a really cool Minecraft game. You can also find a tutorial here on making a real proper torch.


Minecraft Rice Krispie Houses




We love this blogger’s  idea of cutting Rice Krispies bars into squares and using toothpicks to make Minecraft houses.


Minecraft Creeper Rice Krispie Cakes


minecraft crispies



How awesome is this big sister? She made these Creeper cakes for her brother because he is a big fan of Minecraft. Ask your parent in advance if they would buy the ingredients. Here is a Nigella Lawson recipe with British measures and ingredients, if you are in UK. You can also make lumps of coal – just add black food colouring instead of green, and make coal shaped cakes!



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