Winter Wonderings – How Fast Does Santa Fly?


Continuing our series of #winterwonderings, Sam Gouldson asks the most important question – just HOW fast does Santa fly?


On Christmas Eve, Santa Claus must deliver gifts to over 300 million children around the globe. Thanks to the Earth’s rotation and international time zones he has about 31 hours to complete his mission, which means that he needs to travel at roughly 39,000 miles per minute.

It seems that Santa is better at engineering than we are, as that’s 3000 times the speed of sound, but just how fast is that compared to human vehicles?



The Hennessey Venom GT is currently the fastest road car in the world, reaching speeds of 270.49 mph. But at just 4.5 miles per minute that’s a tiny fraction of Santa’s speed.





The fastest aircraft is the Lockheed SR-71 Blackbird, which flies at top speeds of 2,193 mph, or 36.5 miles per minute. That’s still nowhere near Santa though.







The International Space Station orbits Earth at 17,200 mph, which is about 286.5 miles per minute. NASA’s Orion spacecraft reached speeds of 20,000 mph on its first test flight earlier this month, which is 333.3 mile per minute.







The fastest spacecraft ever built, the Helios probes, travelled towards the sun at 157,000 mph or 2616 miles per minute; that’s only one fifteenth the speed of Santa.







If Santa Claus wanted to travel the 34 million miles that separate Earth and Mars, he could do so in just 14.5 hours. As NASA estimates that it will take about 6 months for a manned flight to reach Mars, maybe they should ask Santa to help them with their spacecraft design…?




How Do Kids in Germany Celebrate Christmas?

Have you ever wondered about the Christmas traditions and customs in other countries? We are starting a new series – today we’ll take a look at how kids in Germany celebrate Christmas.

The biggest difference between festive celebrations in Germany and UK, is when they start. While we do start talking about Christmas, and maybe even doing some shopping, we don’t really have much going until just before the big day. In Germany, die Adventszeit is really important time. In UK, we have an advents calendar to count down the days, but in Germany, they really go to town.



10 Truly Terrible Christmas Cracker Jokes


It’s just not Christmas dinner without a round of cracker-pulling, paper crowns and some awful Christmas cracker jokes. We asked our Twitter followers for their best and worst corny Christmas cracker pun jokes:



How does Good King Weceslas like his pizza?

Deep pan, crisp and even.

via @nickie72



What’s brown and sneaks around the kitchen?

Mince spies.

via @macdog73 and @Acrolan



What’s a pilot’s favourite crisp flavour?


via @SillyBeardy



Why did the lions not want to play cards with the other animals?

‘Cause they were all cheetahs!

via @LynnCSchreiber, Jump editor



Here are some of our other favourite festive jokes:


What do you sing at a snowman’s birthday party?

Freeze a jolly good fellow!



Why are Christmas trees very bad at knitting?

Because they always drop their needles.



What do you call a snowman in the summer?

A puddle!



What do you get if you eat Christmas decorations?




How do snowmen get around?

By riding an ‘icicle.



What does Santa suffer from if he gets trapped in a chimney?