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A few weeks ago on Twitter we shared a picture of an electrical tower that German students had turned into a stunning 3D stained glass window. This got us thinking about other amazing outdoor art a little bit closer to home. Read on for some inspiring examples that you can go and see for yourself…




We think these are quite awe-inspiring. These six sculptures are in different parts of the National Forest, and they all do something very special. The columns are specially placed so that at noon, the sun shines through the slot in the wood. This then creates a sliver of light in the middle of the shadow cast on the floor. These were created by an artist called David Nash, who has done lots of outdoor sculptures that create interesting shadows.








If you’ve ever been to the theatre, you’ll know how exciting it can be. Imagine how much more dramatic it would be if you watched it on top of a cliff! Minack Theatre is in Cornwall, right by the sea. They put on all sorts of plays, all year round, even if it’s raining – sometimes the audience get very wet indeed! We also imagine the actors have to speak VERY loudly to be heard over the crashing waves!








In most places, people think graffiti is a bad thing. Not in Bristol! It is a city famous for graffiti and street art, and they have decided to show off their creative artwork to visitors. You can see the art all around the city, and can even go on a special Street Art Tour. One of the pieces is a cat’s head as big as a house!








Many of you will never have owned a CD, but they used to be much more popular than they are now. This artist decided to make beautiful artworks out of objects that people didn’t want anymore, and realised CDs were perfect for reflecting light. He has created work all over the UK, including the Field of Light in Edinburgh this year – let us know if you’ve seen any!








This one is close to my heart, as it’s in my hometown of Burnley. Years ago, it was a very industrial town, home to mills and factories, and this amazing architectural sculpture was built on the site of an old transmission station. It has been made with lots of metal pipes, and is designed to look like an old tree, bending in the wind. And it’s not only striking to look at, but tuneful too – when the winds blow through the different metal pipes, it ‘sings’ and ‘rings’, making haunting music…






Here is a video of the sounds it make 


Have you seen any amazing outdoor art? Let us know in the comments!

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