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A Fun Rainy Day Activity – A Schnitzeljagd

What on earth is a Schnitzeljagd?’ I hear you say.
A Schnitzel is a German word for a thinly sliced piece of pork, chicken or veal, which is dipped in egg and then coated with breadcrumbs. Similar to chicken nuggets but much tastier! Jagd means hunt.
A Schnitzeljagd means a chicken-nugget-hunt? Not quite! The word Schnitzel is also used in Papierschnitzel – little bits of paper.


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Lightning Never Strikes Twice

Continuing our Fact or Fable series, today we take a look at the saying ‘Lightning never strikes twice’, with our Science Editor Samantha Gouldson investigating.

Lightning forms when excess amounts of positive and negative electric charge build up in storm clouds. This causes sparks, kind of like static electricity. Sometimes the sparks jump between the clouds but often they jump between the clouds and the ground.

It’s not just thunderstorms that have lightning either; snow storms, sand storms and even the clouds produced by erupting volcanoes can all cause lightning.


The idea that lightning doesn’t strike twice is a popular saying but one that it’s easy to disprove.


Toys and Games

Geeky Accessories for Girls and Boys

Here at Jump!Mag we can get pretty geeky – and we’re proud of it too! We love wearing things that show people what our interests are, whether that’s books, superheroes or Doctor Who. Read on to find out about our ten favourite accessories to help you express your inner (or outer!) geek.




We all hate Professor Umbridge and how she treated Harry. Now you can freak out your mum and your friends with this temporary tattoo from Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix (#1).  And for those of you who like wearing clothes inspired by your fave books, try this lovely Very Hungry Caterpillar rucksack from Asda (#3), or scare away snakes, foxes and owls with these Gruffalo slippers (#2) – complete with purple spikes and the wart on the end of his nose!




If you’re a comic book lover, you’re spoilt for choice! We love this Batman umbrella from M&S (#4) and this Spiderman water bottle rocks (#7). (Ignore the ‘for boys’ and ‘for girls’, and just get what YOU like.) Sport your favourite superhero on your iPhone with a comic book phone cover like this one from Louby Kapow (#5) – made from real comics! – or go for Thor-inspired shoes with these ace lightning shoelace attachments from Tesco (#6).


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Homemade Mother Day Gifts – Written by You

Mother’s Day origins can be traced to the UK, when Mothering Sunday was celebrated long before it saw the light of day in the USA. Each year in the run up to Mother’s Day, lots of us are wondering ‘What can I get my mom’. 


OK, so a bouquet of flowers is very original, but maybe a bit too obvious? A box of chocolates is a bit too common! But how about something that would last forever! Here are my favourite ideas for homemade Mother Day gifts: 


mothers day


All you’ve got to do for a beautiful present is gather together scraps of material, (old clothes, bags etc.) and head to this website or buy a sewing book, giving you all the tips you need to make your own wonderful gifts!





Another idea is a scrap-book, simply find an old notebook and gather together photos of you (and siblings) together. Stick them in and write a sweet caption underneath describing the place, how you felt, what you were doing or when it was taken. (Find some ideas here)





Finally, I would suggest making a card, then writing a poem inside. The words don’t have to rhyme, but you just need to make a poem describing why you like your mum and what makes her special! (You can design it however you like! Find some ideas here)



So In the run up to mother’s day follow these simple and tips and it’s guaranteed you’ll make your mother’s day special!


KatyK is 11 years old, enjoys art and fashion and hopes to contribute to Jump! Mag regularly. We hope so too


Featured Image from A Baked Creation


Art & History

Women You Should Know… Agnes de Mille

If you ask people if they know the name ‘de Mille’, some will say they’ve heard of Hollywood producer Cecil de Mille, some might even know his brother William de Mille, but not many will have heard of William’s daughter. Which is a shame, because Agnes De Mille was a fascinating woman.