Our ContiReporter Ailsa – Video Report from U17 Championship


Check out our ContiReporter’s fantastic video report from the Women’s U17 Championship, and tomorrow you can read her final report from the last day of her trip. 

If you missed part one and two, you can catch up now!

Ailsa went to the Women’s U17 Championship thanks to the kind support of Continental UK.  








Ailsa – Our ContiReporter at Women’s U17 EUROS – Day Two



Tuesday 26th of November

Today was match day! England v Italy.

The match was at Telford Stadium so we had a 50 mile journey from St. Georges Park to get there.

It was a rather cold day to be outside but it wasn’t shown by any of the excited school children that flooded the ground, ready to watch the game. Before the match began outside the stadium, Continental Tyres were running a Conti Fan Zone. A variety of football activities were being run for the energetic children.

I had a go at measuring the speed of my kick. On my first go I fluffed it and didn’t even hit the target (that’s why I play in goal!) but on my second  go I managed to get 29mph which was quite good.

I had to do a piece to camera about what went on before the match and interviewed two Birmingham City Ladies who were taking part in the activities.




Me and my cameraman David positioned ourselves by the team dugouts, ready and waiting for kick off. When the game finally  kicked off it was a fast, exciting game.

Both teams were equal and no team was particularly dominant. The England captain, defender Leah Williamson  was a stand out player as she was clearly comfortable on the ball and lead the team with ease.

At half time it was 0-0. For the second half me and David retreated to the press box, due to the days coldness, where Simon and Dad had been watching the game and famous footballer spotting.





I had to do some  reporting to the camera at half time about how I thought the match was going. The second half was just as gripping and as nail-biting as the first. Unfortunately England conceded an untimely goal off a deflection. England continued to battle throughout the second half and continuously tried to win themselves back a goal, they came staggeringly close to scoring again but unluckily when the final whistle blew, Italy won 1-0.

The score didn’t reflect the game, a draw would have connoted the game more suitably.  After the game, I got the chance to ask Lois Fidler a question at the after game press conference.

Following the press conference I then  got the opportunity to interview the current England Ladies Manager, Brent Hills, who was lovely and chatty,  I still can’t believe I got the chance to interview him.

I was also fortunate enough to be able to interview Alex Scott, England international, Dave Sampson, Bristol Academy Ladies Manager and four of the Under 17 girls, Leah Williamson, Keira Walsh, Chloe Kelly and Molly Rouse.

I was overwhelmed by the people I got the chance to talk to about the game. As the day came to a close it was time for us to go back to St. Georges Park after a long, jam-packed, thrilling day.



Introducing Ailsa – Our Conti-Reporter


Thank you to all who entered our competition to find a Conti-Reporter. We are delighted to introduce you to Ailsa, who will be reporting from the UEFA U17 Women’s Championship Finals next week.

In the coming days, we will let Ailsa loose on our Instagram and Twitter accounts, to keep you up to date on her preparation for the trip.

Thanks to Continental UK, for sponsoring her trip, and for enabling us to report from the touchline of one of the most exciting football tournaments of the year.  



My name is Ailsa Cowen and I’m 15 years old.

I love writing and photography. I write for my local newspaper and I have for a few years;I usually report on anything to do with women’s football, local music events or anything to do with the local young people. I have taken photographs for a variety of local events and I absolutely love it!

I’m madly into my music as well, I regularly go to gigs with my friends and I love everything music.

I’m completely mad on sport and I’ve played football since I was about six years old. I love playing it because it’s clearly the best sport there is. I enjoy playing football even more because my best friends all play as well, which is what women/girls football is all about.

I play in goal, but I think you have to be slightly mad to play in goal, diving at peoples feet and running out at strikers.

As well as playing football, I also love watching the Women’s Super League games. My favourite team is Everton Ladies, due to Rachel Brown-Finnis plays for them. I can not wait to be a reporter for the Under 17s European Championship! I’m so excited! 


Journalists and photographers – What are your top tips for Ailsa? She will be interviewing players, working with a professional camera team, and sending regular updates on Social Media.

Help her out with some advice from experienced reporters.