Miles for Malala

Benita is 12 years old and has already raised over £400 for Malala, the young girl who was shot by the Taliban in Pakistan. This is Benita’s story. 



I am called Benita and I’m twelve years old. I live with my mum, dad and younger brother. I go to school on my school bus. At school I like to study English and art. I don’t really know what I want to be yet although I know that it will probably be something to do with English. I’m not under any immediate threat for anything.

 Malala started writing a blog for the BBC when she was eleven, she wrote about her daily life being controlled by the Taliban. She didnt reveal her name until later on.

     She lives with her mum, dad and two younger brothers. Her dad is a teacher and encouraged her to keep on going. She has won quite a few awards for peace and bravery.

     In some areas of Pakistan and other countries, the Taliban dont allow girls to go to school wear bright colours or speak to men on the streets otherwise there could be some serious punishments. They include being stoned to death or shot. Even though the Taliban might shoot them if they find out, Malala and her friends went to school. They didnt wear school clothes as that would make it obvious they were going to school.

     Malala spoke out against the Taliban which made her a threat. The Taliban decided that they would have to shoot her. They got on to her bus and shot her in the head and shot some of her friends as well. She is now in a critical condition but is getting better. If you were a girl in Malala’s country how would you feel to not be allowed to go to school, say what you want or wear what you want. I think that Malala is very brave and that is why I am supporting her, her family and her friends because, as girls, we dont deserve to be treated unfairly.

  I am doing a ten mile walk in aid of Malala and the country she lives in. It will be hard as I’ve never done a ten mile walk before however we are stopping at a café half way.  If you want to sponsor me I have a just giving page called Miles for Malala 








Benita completed the ten mile walk on Sunday 11th November and has until time of publishing raised £416



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  1. 1

    Malala is such a good role model! well done for supperting her.

  2. 2

    Malala is one of my role models she is very brave x

  3. 3

    Have you done the walk? How did it go?

    Was pleased I could sponsor you, Malala is such an incredible girl 🙂

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