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International Day of The Girl – Jump! Mag Writing Competition for Girls 2012

Did you know that next Thursday, 11th October is the first International Day of The Girl?


When girls are educated, they help raise their families out of poverty, but estimated 75 million girls around the world do not attend school.

Plan UK has been working at changing this for over 75 years, with thousands of British people signing up to sponsor a child – not just girls, but boys too. They campaign for change, and raise money to help children around the world. 

To highlight the plight of girls, Plan has lobbied to have the United Nations declare an International Day of The Girl.

We will be asking our readers to share their stories. What does it mean to you, that you are a girl?


What is the best thing about being a girl? And is there anything that you don’t like? 


Do you have role models, women who you look up to? What makes you want to be like them?


Write down your thoughts, and email them to us at editor @ jumpmag.co.uk


Don’t forget to put your name and your age on your entry 


We will put them on Jump! Mag on Thursday to celebrate International Day of The Girl.


All articles will be published on Jump! Mag, but the writers of the winning three articles (in the age groups Under 10 years, 11 to 13 years and 14 to 16 years) will receive a prize.


Rules and Regulations

The article or story should be a maximum of 700 words (or thereabouts – don’t worry if you are a little bit over, but don’t send us novels!)

The winners will be announced on Friday 12th October.

The winning entries will be posted on Jump! Mag over the weekend of 12/13/14th October.

All other entries will be published on Jump! Mag over the following days/weeks (it may take a while for your entry to be published, depending on how many entries we have but we promise we will publish them all)

The decision on the winning entry will be made by the Jump! Mag Editorial Team and their decision is final.




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