Great Gifts For Kids and Adults

After the success of our Ace Classroom Gadgets article, we thought we’d follow up with some great gifts for kids and adults.

In the run up to Christmas, you might be wondering what to buy your family. Here are some ideas that won’t break the bank. If you are feeling very creative, then check out our article with fab homemade presents.




The above Bubblewrap Onesie is truly awesome. So awesome that it is sold out, but the company has informed us that it will be back in stock on 27th November and you can pre-order on site. Here is a similar one in US, although these are adult sizes. It occurs to us that you could buy a whole roll of bubble wrap for the same price and make one each for all the family! 

Ideal for – Parents, so that you can hug them and pop the bubbles! 




We discovered this ace AstroGrrl USB Stick today, and HAD to share it with you. It was developed by ScienceGrrls, a broad-based, grassroots organisation celebrating and supporting women in science in UK.

Ideal for: Science and Astrogeeks






We asked parents on Twitter recently what their favourite present was, when they were kids. The product most often mentioned was a ‘boombox’. Any idea what that is? Go ask older relatives. The modern alternative to a boombox is a speaker for iPod or MP3 players. This one is splashproof, and protects your gadget while you listen, which we think is pretty nifty. 

Ideal for – music-mad sibling


gifts for kids





A Personal Library Kit is a great gift for those who like to lend books, and fun for kids too. Play at being a librarian for a day. Which book would you recommend? Available for £12.95 in UK, and $13.45 in US.

 Ideal for – Bookworms, large and small 


gifts for kids





An amusing gift for the whole family, and one you can take with you when you visit relatives over Christmas to get everyone telling an adventure story. You can take turns telling a story with these StoryCubes, or take turns in a group. They cost $7.95 in US and £10.95 in UK. Find a local stockist here. 

Ideal for: All the family



gifts for kids




Do you like grammar lessons in school? If you sometimes get your there, their, they’re muddled, then this mug will help. It would also be a fab present for a parent who loves grammar. It costs £7.95 in UK. We haven’t found them in US, but the Literacy Company deliver worldwide.   

Ideal for – grammar nitpickers


gifts for kids

Watch out, the ZOMBIES are coming! But don’t worry, we will save you, with this excellent gooey Zombie Blood showergel, they won’t realise that you are still a human. Phew! If you are in US, then this is even more disgusting – a nose shower gel dispenser

Ideal for – Zombie-like Siblings, especially teens



gifts for kids






If all that battling with Zombies has tired you out, relax with a homemade Slushy. Take the cup out of freezer where you stashed it a couple of hours before, fill with your favourite beverage – instant slushy! Cool, huh? Available in US for $13.62, and in UK for £9.99

Ideal for – Siblings, especially little ones



gifts for kids






This gift combines two fun activities – taking notes and origami. Once you have finished with your note, fold it up to create one of 10 different shapes such as a pig, penguin, boat or a crane. You can order them here in US for $4.99 and here in UK for £2.

 Ideal for – parents, to take into the office, and fold when they are boooored



gifts for kids





Something a little different – these glass bottles are available here, but you can often find similar ones in charity / thrift shops

Ideal for – aunts and grannies who like pretty things 



gifts for kids






This one made us laugh so much, we just HAD to include it. A Skull Egg Shaper. GENIUS! Available here in US for $9.99 and here in UK for £11.49 

Suitable for – everyone! 



gifts for kids




All prices correct at time of publishing.