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So You Want to be a … Diplomat?


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When you think of a diplomat, what do you imagine? For some, it will be posh frocks and parties. Others will think of exciting spying missions in exotic countries – Our Man in Havana, or perhaps Our Woman in Harare? If you want to be a diplomat, we have some great advice for you today. This was written from the viewpoint of UK Foreign Office applicant, but much of this will apply to citizens of other countries too.


Science, Nature and Tech

What is The Point in Learning… Physics

what is the point in learning physics

We have previously looked at Biology and Chemistry. Today we will complete the sciences by discussing Physics. What exactly is the point in learning physics and why is it a pretty great subject to take? 


Science, Nature and Tech

Resources to Create Your Own Video Game

create your own video game

Recently our editor Lynn visited Dare To Be Digital, a games fair in Dundee to find out a bit about gaming, and how kids can get involved. This week we will feature tips from successful women in the games industry, and information about where to start looking at a career in games, starting today with a feature on how to create your own video game.