Interview with Skeleton Athlete Jor’dan McIntosh

Jor’dan McIntosh is one very special athlete. Currently studying at Loughborough University, the Derby born 23 year old is specialising in one of the most gruelling yet exciting Winter Olympic events. Because right now, while her compatriots compete in Sochi for Skeleton Gold, Jor’dan is perfecting her technique, in her aim to be the best female Skeleton athlete come the next Winter Games in PyeogChang South Korea 2018.    



The British Skeleton Team – Sliding to Victory

skeleton olympic

How would you like to slide down a very steep and winding track of ice on something very similar to a tea tray at around 140km per hour? Yes, no, maybe. Well, there are people out there who can and do want to. And what’s more, they’re really rather good at it.
 Alongside Bobsleigh and Luge, the Skeleton is one of three sliding sports that take place on artificially refrigerated ice tracks. It’s a really white knuckle experience as each skeleton athlete pushes their sled one handed away from the start before lying down with their face first as they travel the track, using their shoulders, knees and toes for steering.


Events, Written By You

The Girlguide Girls’ Attitude Survey – Written By You

My name is Isla Whateley, I’m a 17-year-old Girlguiding member from Glasgow and a member of the charity’s youth panel Advocate. We discuss issues affecting girls and young women and look for ways to seek change.
 Every year, Girlguiding publishes research into the opinions of girls and young women in the UK, called the Girls’ Attitude Survey.  The findings from the latest report show that girls and young women are experiencing shocking levels of everyday sexism and discrimination at school, on the street and online.
 For example, 75 per cent of girls aged 11-12 say sexism affects most areas of their life, 87 per cent think women are judged more for looks than ability and one in five 7-11 year-olds say they have been on a diet.



The Nokia Be Remarkable Conference for Girls


Nokia Remarkable Women is a recently developed celebration and community of women challenging conventions, bravely being different and inspiring others.

The fantastic and first Nokia Be Remarkable Conference for Girls was held on December 1st, in Holborn, London, a day of lively discussion, dance and creativity for girls between 11-14.  

There was an opportunity to see Ruby Doha and Kimberley Wilson from Great British Bake Off 2013 speak about their experiences on the programme, how it was to be put under pressure in the public eye, and their tips on how to pursue your dreams and overcome the struggles we all experience.

Kimberley and Ruby answered a range of interesting questions from the audience, before signing autographs and posing for photographs with fans.

We were lucky enough to catch up with Kimberley and Ruby, and you can read what advice they had to give on being self- confident soon on Jump! Mag.

The day included taking part in 4 different workshops, where the attendees were put into groups and got to take part in each exciting and varied activity, including:







It really was a fantastic day,  and such a great opportunity to discuss ideas and opportunities open to us and of course – make whole new bunch of friends!

There are plans to hold many more of these events in the future, so keep your eye on the Nokia Remarkable Women website in order to be able to secure your place!