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Learn How to Be Organised

Are you always late? Do you forget your homework? Do you hate packing to go away?Is your room a stressful mess?
Carolyn Ward has some tips to so you can ‘’choose to be organised’’ and lead a more relaxing life with extra time for fun.

Why are you late?



Think hard about this.  Is it your own fault or are you relying on family and do they make you late?

If it is your family have a quiet talk with them and explain that they are affecting your life in a bad way by making you late.  See if you can come into some arrangement to leave home a little bit earlier.  Or maybe you can help them out so they can get ready faster, by helping to make your packed lunch, or remembering your PE kit, for example.

If it is purely your own fault that you run late all of the time, try and figure out why.



Do you have a watch of your own?


Save up your pocket money or ask for one for your next birthday so that you can be more aware of time passing.

Make sure you get up early enough to get ready in the morning, allowing everyone time in the bathroom, and time to eat a good breakfast.


Get Organised in the Morning


It can help to sort out your school stuff, and lay out your uniform the night before, so you are not panicking trying to find where you stuffed your tie or your homework at 8:30am.

Keep your coat and shoes in the same place, and get in the habit of putting them away neatly when you get home, as this makes it easier to leave the house in the morning rush.  In winter having your hat, scarf, gloves and umbrella ready makes a huge difference.  In summer, keep your hat, sunglasses and suntan cream organised near the front door so that you can grab them quickly.

Maybe you can ask to have your own special coat peg at your height if you don’t have one already.  Many parents prefer sorting this out to picking your coat up off the floor every day after school.



Be Tidy


Nobody likes tidying up, but it makes all the difference.  Organise your drawers and clothes into easy-to-grab sections, and keep them tidy.  Tidy your room as much as you can, keep toys in their boxes so the bits don’t go missing, and they won’t get broken, or trodden on or lost.

Any toys or books you’ve grown out of you can give to charity, or donate to your library or local playgoup – ask your parents first before giving things away – but this is a great way to recycle and to bring happiness to a lot of other children.



Use a Diary or Calendar



If you are a forgetful person, don’t worry.  The easiest way to remember things is to write them down.  It is very simple really!  Get yourself a little diary or notebook, and keep a track of homework or planned visits to friends, or parties, or trips to the dentist.

It might help to get a big family calendar, or chalk board to go in the kitchen for an aid to help everybody remember where they are supposed to be.

Nobody likes homework, but it is very important that you practise working on your own, to build your skills of organisation, managing your time, and learn to motivate yourself.  Different times work for different people, but it may be best to start on it straight away from school while it is all fresh in your mind; or maybe after a snack; or even after dinner.  Always try to get it all done half an hour before your bedtime to give yourself some time to unwind and relax with your family.


Make a List



Finally, if you hate packing your case to go on holiday, or can’t remember what to buy at the shop; try making lists.

Have a brainstorming session with your parents and write down everything you will need for your holiday.  Imagine what you will do from early in the morning to last thing at night. From toothbrushes to socks, sun-cream to your holiday toy, you won’t forget a thing.  Keep the list and add to it over time until you have a master holiday list, as that will save you the time of having to write another list next time.

If you keep your room tidy, your clothes organised, and have a diary to write things down to help remember; you are choosing to be an organised person.  Now: tell yourself.

If it comes up in conversation, and you are talking about yourself – always say – I am really organised / I am always on time/ I like to keep my space tidy.  This all tells your subconscious that you are choosing to be organised.

Once your stuff is tidy it takes minimal effort to keep it that way.  Also, your Mum or dad will be thrilled at your tidying stuff up and doing your homework.  They might just let you stay up later to watch some more TV…..



Featured Image courtesy of Alan Cleaver

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    Great article. Let us all follow the advice in our house.

  2. 2

    Thank you! I keep lists of my lists. ….

  3. 4

    Always make packing lists whether I’m going on holiday or to a relatives house.

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