New Skylanders Trap Team

Skylanders Trap Team has just been announced and there is a bewildering array of information online. Here’s our introduction to the game,  along with family tips on the new game.

If you’ve not come across it before, Skylanders is a video-game that uses toy figures to access in game characters. This cross over between video-games and toys has become very popular over the last few years. This means that you can play the game, but also collect the toy figures and play with them on the living room floor.


Skylanders Trap Team is the fourth of the Skylanders games in this genre. Other similar titles include Disney Infinity, Angry Birds Telepods and the recent Furby Boom apps.



UPDATE 6th May   – Toys R Us UK Confirm Legendary Characters 





UPDATE 26th April – What We Know So Far




The new Trap Team game will come in a Starter Pack on the 3DS, Wii, Wii U, 360, Xbox One, PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4. This Starter Pack includes the following items:

Trap Team has a new play mechanic where you can collect 40 different villain characters by defeating them and inserting a new Trap toy into the portal. The villains can then be turned good and used to fight the remaining bad guys. 



In an interview with Jeff Poffenbarger at the announcement event for Skylanders Trap Team we found out more about how the new portal and different figures work together. He also explained why a new portal was needed this year and about the developers aim of creating a balance of male and female characters. In a previous iteration of Skylanders – Swap Force – the main figures have only been male.



The new game will support all the previous Skylanders from the older games as well as offering 50 new figures. Parents should note that the additional figures (while collectable) are optional extras. The majority of the game will be accessible with the Starter Pack and a handful of toy figures.

Skylanders Trap Team will release in the UK on 10th October 2014. The game isn’t yet PEGI rated.


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