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In late 2014, three women got together to write books for tweens.

books for tweens

When my 12 year old daughter came home from school with a list of explorers, and the instructions to write about one of them, I wasn’t really surprised to see they were all men. I grumbled a bit, but then started to think about the women who’d been ignored. I started to make a list, with the intention of writing about them on Jump! Mag.

I decided to write a book, telling the stories of 12 of these awesome women, and asked friends and followers for suggestions. As I researched, I realised that one book would not be enough. I couldn’t whittle the list down to just twelve. My list was already two pages long, and still the suggestions kept coming! There were hundreds of unreported explorers, mathematicians, scientists, artists, engineers and pioneers.

And so the #12Women Project was born. I knew I would self-publish, and that it would be done under the name of Jump! Mag. As I wrote, formatted and set up the book for publishing, I realised that I could help other women to publish their books.

rsz_olympius_frontTranslator and writer, Millie Slavidou had been blogging about etymology for some time, and I had suggested she turn her hand to writing fiction for kids. It should be an adventure story, we decided, in the style of the books we remembered from our childhoods, but brought up to date with fun social media updates from the heroine’s phone.

12 Science WordsSamantha Gouldson is a blogger, and I’d always enjoyed reading her work. One day she tweeted about a science development that was in the news, and I asked why it was so important. Sam explained within a few tweets, in a way that even (science-dunce) I could understand! I asked her to write for Jump! Mag, and we decided on a text book, which explains the vocabulary of science, and how it differs from everyday usage.

With no publisher or investor, we decided to pool our resources and talents, and create books for tweens. The first eBooks were launched in early 2015, and we were inundated with requests to release the books in print.

Other titles are planned, and more women have asked to contribute to the 12 Women series. 12 Awesome Women of Science is in the editing and formatting process, 12 Awesome Women of Medicine and 12 Awesome Women of IT are in the initial planning stages.

2015 will see the release of more books, fiction and non-fiction, aimed at tweens and teens, and their parents. Books on social media and bullying, on history and fashion, on politics and school… and much more.

We would welcome your support. Please pass this on to your friends and relatives, and share on other social networks.

Lots of people asking where they can buy the books. They are available via Amazon as eBook (Kindle), and I’m working on bringing them out as fast as I can in print – initially these will be on Amazon, but you can ask your local bookseller to order them.

12 Awesome Women Explorers

  • ISBN-10: 1507852371
  • ISBN-13: 978-1507852378

12 Science Words 

  • ISBN-10: 1507874022
  • ISBN-13: 978-1507874028


The Lucy Evans, InstaExplorer books are all stand-alone books. We initially released Dragon’s Rock as a free addition to The Olympias Clue, but are re-releasing as Book 2 in it’s own right – totally revised and expanded. It will be available within the next month.

Lucy Evans, InstaExplorer – The Olympias Clue  Print Edition

ISBN-10: 1508706042
ISBN-13: 978-1508706045

 The Olympias Clue  (Book 1) Kindle Edition
with free preview of book 2 Dragons’ Rock

Dragon’s Rock (Book 2) – coming soon!

Carnival in Germany (Book 3)  Kindle Edition

Carnival in Germany (Book 3) Print Edition – Due in April