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What is Google Glass?


Is this the view of the future? 

Google have released details of an exciting innovation called Google Glass – so called ‘wearable technology’ that looks like a cool pair of glasses, but actually allows you to take photos and videos and share them with your friends, all without touching a screen or a keyboard. Voice commands such as ‘OK glass, record a video’ are used instead. The glasses can also display a map for using as GPS and look up information, much as you would ‘google’ on your computer or phone. 


what is google glass


The glasses are not going to be available to buy for quite some time, but Google are offering 8,000 of their US based customers a chance to test them, if they pay a fee of $1500. Only US customers are eligible, and to win a set they have to write a short post on Google+ or Twitter to say why they want the chance to test them, adding the #ifIhadglass hashtag. 


Google haven’t yet told us when Google Glass will be available to buy, or at what price, so plenty of time to write your letter to Santa. 


This video shows what the Google Glass will enable its user to do and share. What do you think? What would YOU do, if you had Glass?




Images by Google

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    This is crazy. I think technology I going too far. All the high tech phones ect seem fine to me, in fact I love them, but wearing technology? To have it projected so close to your eyes must be weird.

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