Introducing JUMP! MAG for Kids

Jump! Mag is a new online magazine for kids – our aim is to inspire, educate an entertain. 

Are you a girl who is fed up of fluffy pink comics and magazines? Are you uninterested in what Selena Gomez was wearing last week and sick of being told how to ‘get Selena’s style’ since you have your own style, thank you very much.

Or maybe you are a boy who isn’t interested in football or wrestling, and would just like to read something interesting. 

If you want to read interesting and fun articles about a variety of subjects, from archaeology to zen – then Jump! magazine is for you.

We shall be adding new articles, games and fun activities and offering the chance for you to win great prizes. We welcome articles written by our readers, so if you would like to publish an article on Jump! send us an email using the contact form and we shall be in touch.

If you like Jump! please tell your friends about it.

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  1. 1

    this is a great site! cos im sick of look what this celeb was wearing
    well personally i do not cear what they were wearin

    but just one quesstion how do you change your avatar?

  2. 3

    Yeah, I see all those magazines saying ”Justin beiber bla bla bla” and ”One direction poster” who cares? This is soooooo better

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