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As part of our exciting relaunch, Jump! Mag is proud to present Jump! Mag Interactive Learning Missions.



These missions will take the form of interactive stories, featuring our Jump! Mag gang, led by the intrepid Kit Jackson.


Kit is a preteen girl with itchy feet and an adventurous spirit. She is desperate to join her aunts on their exciting trips around the world, but until now, they have told her that it is too dangerous.

“Auntie Claire, I can’t find your suitcase!” I yelled down from the attic. Surrounded by dust and cobwebs, I perched on the edge of an old trunk, sulking furiously.  I couldn’t find the suitcase because I wasn’t looking for it. I wasn’t looking for it, because I didn’t want Aunt Claire to pack it. I didn’t want her to pack, because I was insanely jealous that she was about to go on such an amazing trip and I was stuck at home.


There was no reply from downstairs; I cautiously poked my head down the hatchway into the hall – to my surprise both my aunts were standing there, speaking in low whispery voices with looks of concentration on their faces.


interactive teaching


“Errr, what’s going on?” I asked, my eyebrows knotting together.  Both of them looked up, startled.


“Oh, ummm, Kit. Yes, well…” Aunt Claire started.  Aunt Beth had her phone in front of her and her thumb was flicking urgently at the screen as she digested the obviously long message in front of her.


She paused and looked up at my upside down head “Look Kit, something has come up, something important.”




You can find out what happens next when the Jump! Mag Interactive Learning Mission begins on 8th November. If that isn’t exciting enough, here’s is the really cool part.

At the end of every chapter, Kit has a choice to make, and YOU dear reader get to make the decision for her. Jump! Mag readers vote where the story goes next.


Teachers, tutors and homeschoolers –  the story will be accompanied by teaching guides. 


Parents – the story will be accompanied by student-led activities, which your child can work through independently 



Each chapter will be accompanied by a variety of different learning activities

–       cross curricular

–       encompass a range of different media platforms

–       be suitable for 9 – 12 age range (spanning KS2 and KS3 in UK)

–       be in line with UK National Curriculum, but will also be suitable for students in other countries

–       Ofsted Outstanding teaching ideas with differentiated activities, mixture of independent, pair and group work, adaptable for tutors/independent learners/homeschooling

–       the learning activities  will be imaginative, and appeal to a range of teaching styles, tried and tested, educationally beneficial, culturally sensitive and flexible/easy for the teacher to recreate. 

–  The student led work packs will be a mixture of reading comprehension and writing tasks and activities, for children to work through independently.  These packs will be designed to support and consolidate the work completed in school, and to stretch and challenge advanced children who would appreciate extra stimulation.

– They are ideal for those preparing for the 11+ exam, and can be done at your child’s pace, in the comfort of your own home. 



The initial Beta Test phase of the teaching activities will begin 8th November, and will be available to a select number of schools, teachers, homeschoolers and independent learners.

To join our team of testers, please contact our Interactive Mission Team to be added to the mailing list – select the appropriate list from below 


Register for Beta Testing SCHOOLS and TEACHERS

Register for Beta Testing – HOME SCHOOL

Register for Beta Testing – INDEPENDENT LEARNERS



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