Carnivals Around the World

You might have heard of the carnival in Rio, but did you know that there are carnivals around the world – from Germany to Greece, USA to Italy?
Millie Slavidou explains where Carnival comes from on her blog


Long before the advent of Christianity, people held celebrations at this time of year. In Germany, they once looked forward to sending Hel, the goddess of the underworld, back down to her abode so they could herald the coming of the spring. In Greece, it was a time to worship the god Dionysus. With the arrival of Christianity, the celebrations continued, but changed in nature, gradually becoming more and more linked to the new religion. The Carnival is held in the period before the start of Lent, and Lent is the time when good Christians were supposed to fast, to abstain from meat

In UK, we don’t celebrate Carnival, but we do prepare for Lent – that is what Pancake Day is all about, after all. Traditionally, pancakes were made to use up the eggs, fat and butter, that were not to be eaten during Lent!
Take a trip around the world with us, to find out how other countries celebrate Carnival!


Written By You

Don’t Judge Me – Written By You

Okaaay then I’m just, you know, gonna be talkin’ about JUDGING PEOPLE!!!!!

I’m writing about this because I get judged a lot, and I think that it is important that people stop with the labels. *cough* PERSONALITIES *cough* Anycow, these are some of the main labels which le moi will be talking about


Label No.1 “Nerd”

People that get called nerds are generally people that wear glasses and are very smart (AKA your future world leaders.) I think this is just a stupid label because we all know that nerd is used by people who are just trying to cover up the fact that they don’t feel clever around this particular person. “Nerds” also people who play Pokémon (respect my fellow Pokémon players) and watch anime.


Label No.2 “Emo”

This is a name that I get called a lot. So called “emos” are people that generally wear a lot of black and listen to music such as Motionless in White, Black Veil Brides and Asking Alexandria. The stupid thing about this label is that as we all know “Emo” is just short for emotional and, let’s get one thing straight, last time I checked “emotional” was a state of mind not a fashion trend.  “Emos” also get mistaken for “scene kids” and “Goths”.


Label No.3 “Scene”

WOW!  Yet another label I get called! Anycow “scene Kids” are generally people that are obsessed with Pokémon, Hello Kitty and Rainbows and Unicorns and all that Jazz. So called “Scene Kids” listen to music such as Jeffree Star, Blood on the Dance Floor and Matthew Lush. They say stuff like “ZOMG!”  And “K’BAI!” They are normally loud and random.


Label No.4 “Goth”

Often mistaken for “emos,” people that are generally called “Goths” also wear a lot of black and listen to music such as Nine Inch Nails, Sisters of Mercy and The Cure. Goths were originally a Germanic tribe who invaded the Roman Empire. SERIOUSLY PEOPLE!!!!!! Also, while I’m on the topic, I have just found the most epic definition of a “Goth” on Urban Dictionary:


Just another person in this world… Lives, breathes, dies.




Random person 1: Yo dude look at the Goth chick!

Random person2: Why?

Random person 2: Eh…”

So anycow that’s it and don’t judge!!!! All together now: Don’t matter what you look like don’t matter what you wear. (Words from the amazing Mama Odi from The Princess and The Frog. GREAT FILM GUYS!!!!!)

(PS no hate to the bands/labels mentioned.)



Elisabeth is 13 years old and this topic is very important to her. What do you think?  


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Egg Box Gardening

I started a little experiment of my own this spring. I wanted to find an easy way of sowing seeds for growing vegetables at home. I have a small veggie patch, but I worked out last year that I could grow a lot more, if only I had  many more seedlings to plant out.

But sowing seeds can be a bit fiddly, and then you’ve got to plant out each tiny plant. That takes a lot of time. I wanted more veggies for less work, so I collected as many egg boxes as I could find, and sowed seeds into each egg holder. The pictures show the planting and growing on of broad beans, but I have also used the egg boxes for runner beans, radishes, beetroots, spinach, tomatoes, rocket, pak choi and patty pans.

And it’s not too late to start growing your own right now. You don’t even need a veggie patch in the garden; plant the egg boxes into a pot or container for your window sill or patio.