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The leg bone’s connected to the….

Why didn’t the Skeleton go to the party? Cos he had nobody to dance with….
Get it?
Yes, ok… so not the most original joke, but the skeleton is truly an amazing structure. Much like the rest of the body.
So apart from making a great Halloween costume, what is a skeleton for? What do the various bits a pieces do?


Science, Nature and Tech

Green and Growing: The Life of a Seed

As you know, there is a vast number of different kinds of plants growing all over the world, from snowy slopes to Amazon rain forests to dusty deserts: plant life is everywhere. So how does it all work? Lets start with seeds.


 The Life of  a Seed

Picture a seed – I am sure you have all seen them. It will have a hard outer shell to protect it. When it has found the right conditions of warmth and moisture, this shell will crack or split as a root pushes its way out to take hold in the soil. Then the plant will start to grow and a shoot will make its way upwards, with the root growing down, to draw moisture from the ground and provide some balance for the plant, keeping it firm in its place.

Just like you and me, plants need food to grow. Their food is very different from ours, of course! Here’s what they do: the leaves draw water up from the roots, through the stem, and they also soak up sunlight and air. These three things combine to make food in the leaves, where it is stored. Now think of an onion. It is formed to store the food for the plant.


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Life as a Child with a Chronic Condition

A chronic condition means a type of illness or disability which will be a part of your life for the rest of your life, and will mean medication or other type of medical treatment such as physiotherapy (exercises designed to treat and strengthen your body) and regular visits to the doctor or hospital or both.
If you’ve been diagnosed with a chronic condition, it can be scary and upsetting. You may not know what was happening,  and you will probably have lots of questions. We spoke to Tina, who grew up with a chronic condition on what’s learned over the years, and asked her advice on living well with a health condition.


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The Fall – A Short Story in Three Parts – Part Two

The second of a three part short story. If you missed the beginning, start reading here


My hands have no feeling.

My feet up to my lower thigh is numb. My stomach and chest is icy cold. I feel so light-headed I might as well faint. I have propped up my rigid body by a peeling black-painted gate which is pricking my back.

Someone stole my blanket, and now I am as good as a chunk of ice.