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My Favourite (Favorite) Book

Writer Susannah Leigh was born in Canada and moved to UK when she was eight years old.  Jump! asked her about her favourite children’s book.

One of the nicest things about being an author (apart from being able to go to work in your pyjamas) is being invited to talk about books in schools. I love chatting to enthusiastic pupils about all things bookish. Usually the questions I am asked are ones I can answer easily.

‘How long does it take you write a book?’

‘Where do you get your ideas from?’

‘When did you write your first book?’

But at a school last week a student asked: ‘What is your favourite book?’

Now that’s a tough one.

I’ve read so many good books, how could I possibly choose my favourite?

And what if I haven’t read my favourite book yet? Indeed, what if it hasn’t even been written?


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What is the Point in Learning Chemistry?

learning chemistry

Have you ever sat in a Maths class wondering why you will ever need to be able to do long division without a calculator? Or silently cursed your Geography teacher while learning about the formation of oxbow lakes? And History?
That’s all in the past and irrelevant, isn’t it? In this series of articles we will look at some of the subjects we learn at school, and try and answer the question: What’s the point in learning… Chemistry?


Science, Nature and Tech

The leg bone’s connected to the….

Why didn’t the Skeleton go to the party? Cos he had nobody to dance with….
Get it?
Yes, ok… so not the most original joke, but the skeleton is truly an amazing structure. Much like the rest of the body.
So apart from making a great Halloween costume, what is a skeleton for? What do the various bits a pieces do?