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When you find a website that you like and want to follow it, how do you do it? Some like to sign up to receive emails and others like to follow on Social Media, such as Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest or Instagram.

This is how to follow Jump! Mag, so that you never miss one of our our articles. 

You can subscribe to Jump! Magsubscribe, so that you receive new articles direct to your email address (scroll to the bottom of this article and sign up). This is great if you don’t use Social Media, and you are guaranteed never to miss a new article. We generally post a new article about three times a week.

If you don’t like receiving several emails a week, then you might like to follow on Social Media (or perhaps your parents will follow us and let you know when a new article is published). Most websites don’t allow children under 13yrs to use their site. The good thing about this is that you don’t get several emails a week, but if you or your parent follow a lot of people or websites, then you might miss a post. 

Here are the sites where you can follow Jump! Mag, and what we use them for.




facebook chooseWe share new articles on Facebook, photos that we find funny or inspiring, and articles or blog posts from various sources. Our Facebook page is a place to keep up with the newest developments. We share four posts throughout the day and night – so that we have something new for our followers in every time zone.

Recently Facebook changed their settings, which means that even if you follow Jump! Mag, you might not see all of our posts. To make sure that you do, hover over the LIKED button and chose to get notifications of our posts. The other way to ensure that you see our updates is to be sure to [like] and share our posts – that way Facebook knows that you are interested in what we share.  




twitterTwitter is used to share new posts, and we sometimes share older posts from the archives that you might have missed.

We also use it to contact potential writers and groups who might like to contribute an article to our site. There is a bit more chatter on Twitter, and sometimes we join in Twitterchats to a specific topic, such as body confidence or education.

Twitter moves fast – too fast for some – and it is easy to miss an update. 





google plus

We share new articles on our Google+ page, and also share other articles or videos that we think you will appreciate. 

Google+ has an advantage over Facebook – it doesn’t hide our updates from you! Our followers can see everything we share, in the order in which it was posted. If you don’t want to miss an update, or a new article, then Google+ is the best place to follow blogs and websites.

It isn’t as fast moving as Twitter, more of a browsing place for interesting articles and content. 





Instagram is a place to share pictures – funny ones, inspirational ones and silly ones. Sometimes we will post a picture of a product we are reviewing or an event we are attending.

We also post a pic to alert our followers to any new articles on the site.




pinterestPinterest is another photo sharing site, but this one a little more organised that Instagram. We have separate ‘pinboards’ for different topics such as books, art, inspirational people.

We share articles on Pinterest, by pinning one of the pics – you can click through and read the article, or repin to share with others




Phew! That is a LOT to keep up with. Our Social Media accounts are run by editor Lynn Schreiber, and our Social Media volunteer Rebecca Dodd. The fantastic photos and inspiring messages are often found by Rebecca, who searches the web for interesting content for our site.

We’d like to take this opportunity to thank Rebecca for all her work. We will interview her soon and she can tell you what it is exactly that a ‘Social Media Manager’ does. It has a little bit to do with looking at cat videos, we suspect! 

Lynn Schreiber

Founder and Editor at Jump! Mag
A freelance writer, who lives and works in Scotland with her family and fluffy white dog.

Likes: Writing, reading, twitter and chocolate
Dislikes: Negative and angry people

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