Get Cracking With Computer Coding for Kids

coding girls

Kids computing – there’s a lot of talk going on about it right now.  What do you learn about computing

Everything You Need to Know about Rosetta and Philae


There has been a lot of excitement about Rosetta and Philae lately, but what are they and why are they

Toca Robot Lab Relaunch – Game Review and Interview

toco robot lab

  Like many of our readers, we are big fans of Toca Boca. Their digital games are not made for

Science News For Kids – MAVEN Spacecraft in Orbit Around Mars

mars maven

This week saw an exciting announcement from the US space agency, NASA  with the safe arrival of its MAVEN spacecraft in orbit

6 Sounds That Your Parents Will Recognise but You Won’t

sounds your parent will recognise

 I recently discovered this old phone in an antique shop, and realised that today’s kids wouldn’t recognise the sound of the

The Very Best Minecraft Parodies

"Let It Blow" - A Minecraft Parody of Frozen's Let It Go

  We’ve collected some of the best Minecraft parodies for you today – check these out!    Revenge     

The Google Science Fair – Kid Inventors of the World

Kid Inventors

  Every year the internet search engine Google holds a competition to find the best research and/or invention by a

Why DO Kids Want to Play Minecraft?


   Sitting back, ready for another interesting and rather aggressive night on COD (Call of duty), I launch my dashboard to

Video Games for the Family – For Everyone To Enjoy


My name is Andy Robertson and I write about video-games for a living and have three children (10, 8 and

A Fun Rainy Day Activity – A Schnitzeljagd


    ‘What on earth is a Schnitzeljagd?’ I hear you say. A Schnitzel is a German word for a

Six Ace Classroom Gadgets You Won’t Want to Miss

gadgets for school

    There’s no getting around it – school can sometimes feel like a drag. We’re willing to bet that

Great Women You Should Know… Hedy Lamar


    You probably do not know who the actor Hedy Lamarr was as her last film credit was in

Talking in Text

Screenshot 2013-10-05 at 14.35.57

  Text speak is very confusing for a lot of people, but it is one area in which children and