Who Invented Loom Bands?

who invented loom bands

Where did the loomband craze start, and who invented loom bands? That is the question we are going to answer

What Is the Turing Test, and Why is it Important?


  It has been reported that a computer program has passed the famous Turing Test by pretending to be a

How to Be an Inventor

kid inventors

Have you ever thought ‘There MUST be an easier way to do this’? If you have, you are not alone.

The Google Science Fair – Kid Inventors of the World

Kid Inventors

  Every year the internet search engine Google holds a competition to find the best research and/or invention by a

Six Ace Classroom Gadgets You Won’t Want to Miss

gadgets for school

    There’s no getting around it – school can sometimes feel like a drag. We’re willing to bet that

Great Women You Should Know… Hedy Lamar


    You probably do not know who the actor Hedy Lamarr was as her last film credit was in

Supercars and Science – London Science Museum High Performance Festival


Do you like fast cars? Have you ever seen a racecar powered only by the sun?   Believe it or

What is Google Glass?


Is this the view of the future?  Google have released details of an exciting innovation called Google Glass – so

Who On Earth Invented … The Pedal Bin?!


Continuing our series on enterprising inventors of everyday things we take for granted, Sally Anne asks …   Who on

Who on Earth Invented Traffic Lights?!

traffic light

Every day we use hundreds of inventions without even thinking about it. In this series, we’ll be celebrating some of