Winter Wonderings – Are Snowflakes Really All Different?

Are Snowflakes Really All Different?

  It’s a common belief that no two snowflakes are the same, and in a way this is true. No

Everything You Need to Know about Rosetta and Philae


There has been a lot of excitement about Rosetta and Philae lately, but what are they and why are they

Store Cupboard Science – Experiments at Home

science at home

  While there are plenty of science kits in the shops, did you know that you can do loads of

How Do We Know How Old an Artifact Is? A Kid-Friendly Introduction of Carbon Dating

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  What can we tell from the study of BONES? According to Tina, we can tell an awful lot about

Jump! Into SCIENCE – Dry Ice Bubble Experiment

dry ice

    Do you like blowing bubbles? Well, how would you feel if you could blow foggy bubbles that bounce?

What is the Point in Learning Chemistry?

learning chemistry

Have you ever sat in a Maths class wondering why you will ever need to be able to do long division without a

An Aztec Beauty Regime


Our contributor Dr Corrinne Burns is a chemist (not a person who works in a pharmacy and doles out medicine, but an