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When we started Jump! Mag, we hoped that our young readers would contribute some articles, but we had no idea of the breadth and depth of talent that we would find. Some of  you have contributed just once, others more regularly, but all contributions are valued and welcomed.

For many of you, it was the first time that you have shared your work with those outwith your school and your family, and some of you have discovered a real love of writing, and having your articles published.

When we realised this, we published a series of article on how to blog, giving information on the main blogging platforms, WordPress, Blogger and Tumbl, how to start blogging, and blog safely, and advanced blogging tips.

We promised that we would share our readers blogs, and so here we are. Our BLOG ROLL


The Adorkableness – Issy is 13 years old… 

Guess what guys? Unless you guessed by the fact that I am in fact a teenager, who has enough social time on her hands to blog – and not a remotely “cool” blog – then you may not know that I am a dork.


Hot Cross Brezel – Cat is 10 years old…

I’m ten years old and this is my blog. my mum is a blogger and that’s why I wanted to start my own blog, I  am half german and half British and this kind of the beginning of the story of how this blog got its name.


The Cool Customer –  Orla is 13 years old

Hi. I’m Orla, thirteen year old citizen of far far way, gutiarist, guide, schoolgirl, crazy cat lady and drama clubber by day, fashion blogger by night, feminist forever. I like collars, Rookie, Marc Jacobs, Renaissance art, the sixties, costume dramas, and you, if you enjoy reading this as much as I do writing it. Read on, kids!


Agnieszka Productions – Agnieszka is 10 years old 

Hello! My name is Agnieszka Kolaczynska. I am now 10! I started this website when I was 8. I live in Mid- Wales and am home educated with my two sisters, one  younger than me who has Down’s syndrome and is 6,  and my older 17 year old sister who is playing the violin in my video about the Tabernacle folk festival. My website is all about every kind of art, film, photography, writing, poetry, journalism and anything I find interesting in my life without school.



To be added to the BLOGROLL, simply contact us – we will not add any blogs without the permission from the writers.


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These posts were written by our young readers. If you'd like to contribute to Jump! Mag, read our guidelines here, and get in touch!

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